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East Africa safaris

East Africa shines with impressive landscapes that could not be more different: coastal regions with dreamlike coral reefs, wide savannas with wild animals, snow-capped mountains and evergreen jungle areas.

From July to August there is a unique natural spectacle in Tam: the world-famous migration, when hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras come from the Serengeti to Kenya to graze in the vastness of the Masai Mara and finally migrate back to Serengeti National Park.
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The "big five" should not be missing on a Tanzania safari

The “Big Five” play a very large and decisive role on a Tanzania safari trip, as they are the epitome of the untamed wilderness and the secrets of Africa. The “Big Five”, ie lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinos, can now be found increasingly in Tanzania.

Thanks to extensive protective measures, the populations of the animals, which were once threatened with extinction, are slowly increasing again, not least thanks to gentle tourism, which shows people the life of animals and teaches them to appreciate the value of nature.

The popular Tanzania safari trips offer tourists the opportunity to observe and photograph these animals up close. 

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