Our Safari Vehicles

Perfect travel experience guaranteed


Safari vehicles must serve several purposes: they must allow you to sit in comfort for game drives, offer excellent viewing opportunities, and be tough enough to withstand the demands of the Tanzanian wilderness. We recognize the importance of our fleet to your enjoyment and treat our vehicles accordingly, allowing you to relax and get the most from your trip. Below are important features of our vehicles.

Safety and Comfort

We ensure that our travelers always have access to a clean, well-maintained vehicle, appropriately sized and equipped for their group and activities. Ephraim’s Guide Safari guests travel in up-to-date and immaculately kept vehicles appropriate for the territory and itinerary. The safari vehicles are fully equipped with High Frequency radios, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, First Aid Kit, binoculars and other amenities for comfort and safety.

Our safari vehicles are large, with a Centre-aisle and feature high-backed, cushioned seats and armrests. We only use four-wheel-drive vehicles (4×4) – custom built safari Land Cruisers 4×4 – exclusively on all our Tanzania safari programs.

Sliding windows and pop-up roofs

Our safari vehicles have large sliding windows and pop-up roofs, offering excellent views and giving our guests fantastic opportunities for safe and undisturbed photography while on game drives. We modify the floor and lower the seats to give them an unobstructed view, and fit large hatches in the roof for more open space and a better game view.

Comfortable and window seats guarantee

Ephraim’s Guide Safari maintains a fleet of Land Cruisers, which we customize to suit the client’s needs. For example, we replace the standard seats configuration with safari style seats for greater comfort. The passenger compartment is equipped with six individual and comfortable seats guaranteeing a window seat for each guest. By limiting the number of passengers to four per vehicle or six passengers for extended vehicles, we ensure each client has a window seat. In addition, a fifth seat or a seventh seat for extended Land Cruiser is available next to the guide.

Electric sockets for battery chargers

As a convenience, we provide photo equipment charging plugs in each of our vehicle. All our safari vehicles have electric sockets for battery chargers to ensure that you won’t miss capturing any of the special moments you will experience on your safari.

Refrigerator or Cooler box

All our vehicles are fitted with a safari fridge, powered by the car battery, for keeping your drinks cold and refreshing.

Powerful engines and regular services

The powerful engines allow the vehicles to manage various kinds of terrain without any difficulties even when travelling on roads that are off the beaten track. Regular services on the motors are essential to ensure continued reliability. Additionally, all our vehicles undergo maintenance after returning from each safari in the bush to ensure your safety. At Ephraim’s Guide Safari your safety is our priority.

Dedicated drivers

All our guides only drive their dedicated safari vehicle. This results in optimized maintenance, handling and care taking of our fleet on the one hand and safe and secure driving due to being familiar with the specific Land cruiser on the other hand.

Luggage compartment

As there is limited space available in the luggage compartment, we ask all our guests to restrict their luggage to 15 kg in weight. Luggage that won’t be needed on safari can be stored in our office in Arusha.

The benefits of traveling in Ephraim's Guide Safari vehicles are:

  1. You’re safe: Four-wheel-drive provides maximum traction and stability.
  2. You’re comfortable.
  3. High-backed seats with thickly cushioned fabric seats, armrests, and map pockets.
  4. You have plenty of room in spacious vehicles with an aisle down the middle.
  5. Storage space for luggage so it travels with you.
  6. You have unobstructed views of wildlife and the landscape.
  7. All passengers have their own opening window with single seats at each window.
  8. A roof hatch provides open views and easy photography.
  9. You have access to a video camera power socket.
  10. Pop-up roof hatches for game viewing and photography.
  11. On board HF radio communications, and guaranteed window seating.