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Your Tanzania safari with Ephraim’s Guide Safari

Ephraim’s Guide Safari (EGS Tanzania) is a safari operator based in Tanzania, established by Ephraim Nyiti. Over the years, we have provided countless remarkable experiences of authentic Africa. We have changed thousands of lives by introducing tourists to the continent that brought them happiness, learnings and priceless memories. We ought to continue to improve our craft, as customer satisfaction and wellness of our employees are our top priorities. Years of operation honed our expertise in providing tours to different parts of Africa especially in Tanzania. With our passion and our sincere desire to offer highly-satisfying tours, we remained competitive in the industry for many years. We’re proud to say that we are succeeding in our goals. Nothing is more important to us than to fulfill our clients’ dream of a once-in-a-lifetime African safari. 

Epraim’s Guide Safari is Tanzanian tour company in Cooperation with TANZANIA-SAFARI.RU in Russia