Zanzibar Island

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Zanzibar Island

About Zanzibar Island

Unwind after your safari and indulge your senses in the tropical paradise of Zanzibar! The main island of Zanzibar (known as Ungunja) and the surrounding islands and atolls of the archipelago are enchanting for their unspoiled tropical beauty, unique cultural richness, and culinary delights. The glorious abundance of unique sea life in the perpetually warm, turquoise Indian Ocean make this destination a diver’s paradise as well. Zanzibar is a romantic oasis full of mystique. Historically, it has been a center of commerce, international diplomacy, a beacon of learning, and a vestibule into Africa for the rest of the world, an island where merchants, traders, missionaries, and explorers dealing in spices and ivory, princes and slaves have visited over the past several centuries. Today, the history of Zanzibar is vibrantly alive in the form of traditional sailing vessels (dhows), carved wooden doors, the narrow, maze-like alleyways between coral stone houses, the scent of lemongrass and cloves, and the smile of the hospitable Zanzibari Swahili people who welcome you to the “Spice Island”. Romance abounds here, as well, in the miles of white sand beaches, stunning accommodations, and sensory pleasures.



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Tour details

  • Main Activity Beach Holiday
  • Price Range 150$ / Day - 1000$ / Day
  • Main Language English
  • Currency Tzs, US Dollar
  • Nearest Airport Abeid Amani Karume Int. Airport
  • Age Limit 8+ Recommended