If you are reading this blog post, you are most likely planning a Tanzania Safari. With plenty to explore from diverse national parks to things to do and what to eat, you will be spoiled for choices in the new soul of Africa. So where do you begin?

Have a look at some types of places to stay.

With several options to choose you may be confused right at the beginning of planning your holiday.

Relax! The good news is that with over 30 years of experience as safari specialists, we have always been able to guide our guests on how to choose their accommodation in Tanzania. Besides planning the itinerary, there are several factors to consider while choosing where to stay?

On a safari to Tanzania, you have two major accommodation choices, or let’s say three.

Bush Camps- Most camps are located in the vicinity of wildlife and offer an authentic safari experience. A giraffe or an elephant passing by your tent at night doesn’t mean that you are prone to danger. Rather you have the chance to be close to the wildlife and enjoy a raw African experience. Stay under the canvas and immerse in refreshing showers and chat with the locals by the evening bonfire in the open Savannah plains.

For first time travelers, we recommend choosing camps built on elevated platforms offering comfort and a sense of security.


Fine Lodges –  If you wish to relax in cozy rooms, admire panoramic views, and laze by the pool, you will love to stay in mid-range or luxury lodges during your Tanzania Safari. Safari lodges are ideal for incentive groups, families with children, the elderly, or just about anyone who wants to sink into the comfort of a hotel-like atmosphere after a dusty day in the wild.

Most Lodges In Tanzania are situated at an elevation where you can admire wildlife from a distance. You can also expect amenities such as spacious dining areas, audiovisual lounge, gymnasiums, infinity pools, and bars.

The Northern Safari Circuit covering the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Serengeti, Tarangire, Manyara, Kilimanjaro, and Arusha National Parks is dotted with several lodges and camps while the Southern Safari Circuit that covers the Mikumi, Selous, Ruaha, and Julius Nyerere National Park offers accommodation in camps.


Tented Lodges- Want to combine a wildlife experience while enjoying the amenities of a hotel? A Tanzania Safari can get exciting with a stay in tented lodges, ranging from budget to Luxury Options. Honeymooners and couples will prefer staying in tented lodges offering intimate experiences including open-air showers offering wildlife views, romantic dining experiences in the bush, access to infinity pools, and sundowners at breathtaking locations.


Which Is Better; A Lodge Or A camp? 

Besides imagining how adventurous you wish to get on your safari, these five factors are useful to plan your Accommodation Preference In Tanzania.

Budget – If you are a high-end traveler, there are a handful of luxury camps that offer bespoke services. Budget-conscious travelers can also stay in lodges depending on the time of travel and location of properties. A safari consultant will be able to guide you and offer suitable options depending on your budget and the number of days you will spend in Tanzania.

Safari Experience – By our experiencefirst-time safari-goers are most likely to stay in lodges offering reasonable amenities and admirable wildlife views. Photographers, naturalists, and youth will are likely  to opt for a camping experience, surrounded by wilderness. There are more choices to choose between basic, mid-range, and luxury camps based on your budget.

Travel Companions – A few years ago, many camps in Tanzania restricted stays for children below 12 years old, however with enhanced safety and modern traveling, infants are also welcomed in selected tented accommodation. Honeymooners often prefer to stay in luxury camps and lodges, photographers pick authentic wildlife camps and families opt for combination camps and lodges.

Comfort –There is no denying that it can get quite tiring after a full day safari. If you are on a mid-range or a luxury budget it is ideal to stay in lodges where you have access to amenities such as swimming pool, fully stocked bar, spacious lounge area, and plush rooms that cater to your frequent travel demands. Camps have limited amenities and are ideal for travelers who wish to experience the luxuries of the wild such as the bush TV (bonfire and chatting with the locals), simple meals, and tented accommodation amid the wild.

Time of travel-  If you have a preference for a certain lodge or camp, we would recommend booking it at the earliest. During the peak season from July to September, most lodges and camps are almost fully booked, and finding accommodation at the last minute may get challenging. Big groups of travelers would prefer lodges that have better availability while couples, families, and solo travelers would enjoy staying in intimate camps that allow limited guests.

Have more questions about planning your safari in Tanzania? Our tour consultants are ready to chat with you. Contact us at info@debbyadventure.com and we will get you ready for a wildlife adventure of a lifetime.