Mt. Kenya

Mount Kenya Experience

Mt Kenya is an extinct volcano with jagged peaks rising to 5,199m/17,057ft. It has three main peaks; Batian, Nelion and Lenana Peak. Batian and Nelion are permanently iced with snow and small glaciers, and home to an array of technical alpine climbs.

The peaks deliver lively contrast to the equatorial terrain on the approach. To take advantage of conditions, we climb Batian in June and Nelion in December and January. An accompanying trek is available for non-climbing friends and family to the neighboring Lenana Peak as part of both departures.

The journey through the forest and moorland is for many the highlight of the Mount Kenya Expedition. Here you will be intrigued by the exotic equatorial flora and transition zones from wetland to heather and alpine zones. We intentionally traverse the National Park on our trek to and away from the mountain, to ensure new terrain each day with the ascent of Mount Kenya being the geographical highlight in the middle of the journey.

This expedition features a smorgasbord of African culture and scenery, providing a fabulous excuse to visit this wild continent.

10 Days Mt. Kenya Tour Itinerary

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DAY 01.

Arrival/Transfer To your Hotel

Arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. Transfer to hotel. Evening team meeting, meal and gear checks.

DAY 02.

 Drive to Naro Moru

Leave the hotel in the mid-morning passing through the Kikuyu countryside, past the equator and into the town of Naro Moru. Here we will meet our team of porters and cooks. There is an opportunity to do some shopping before being transferred to the hotel for dinner and the night.

DAY 03.

Drive to Sirimon Gate (2,440m/8,000ft). 4 hour trek to Old Moses Camp (3,300m/10,800ft).

Leave Naro Moru and drive about an hour to the Sirimon Gate (park entrance) at 2,440m/8,000ft. From the gate we start the trek, following the track as it winds its way uphill through the forest which becomes heathland after about three hours. After another four hours, we arrive at the Old Moses Camp, formally known as Judmier Camp, at 3,300m/10,800ft for dinner and the night.

DAY 04.

Trek to Shipton Camp (4,200m/13,800ft).

We continue trekking upwards and after an hour from Old Moses Camp. The track crosses the Ontulili River then contours through the moorland and crosses Liki North before continuing up to Mackinder’s Valley. From here there are stunning panoramic views up the valley towards the main peaks of Mt Kenya. As we go through Mackinder’s Valley, we will stop for lunch at the magnificent 'picnic rocks' and then stay at the Shipton Camp (4,200m/13,800ft).

DAY 05.

Rest/acclimatisation day.

We spend the day acclimatising and enjoy a hike to hike to Kami Hut, then down to Hausberg Lakes and back to the Shipton Camp for dinner.

DAY 06.

Lenana Peak Summit Day (4,985m/16,355ft). Descend to Austrian Hut (4,700m/15,400ft).

Very early in the morning (around 3am) we will set off on the Lenana Peak summit, arriving in time for sunrise and magnificent views of the nearby peaks of Batian and Nelion, and maybe even Kilimanjaro to the south.

DAY 07.

Weather/contingency Day, overnight Austrian Hut.

A spare day for weather contingency. Continue down to the Austrian Hut (4,700m/15,400ft).

DAY 08.

Descend to Meru Bandas Hut (2,950m/9,680ft).

After breakfast at Austrian Hut, we descend down to Mintos Hut where we have time for a stop to check out the beautiful 'Gorges Valley' and the array of tarns. We continue down to Meru Bandas Hut (2,950m/9,680ft) for the night.

DAY 09.

Descend to end of forest, return to Nairobi.

Descend another 2 hours to the end of the forest and catch a 4x4 transfer vehicle back to Chogoria Village, where we connect with our transfer vehicle back to Nairobi. Stand-alone Mt Kenya Lenana Peak trip ends.

DAY 10.

Continue on Kilimanjaro expedition…

Continue on Kilimanjaro expedition…

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