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Safari Highlights

Enjoy authentic interactions with the Hadzabe and Datonga Tribe, See the big cats, See more animals than you ever thought possible, See the Endless plains of the Serengeti.

Treasures and Tribes of Northern Tanzania 9 Days

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DAY 01.

Tarangire National Park

After breakfast your driver guide will pick you up at the hotel and we head to Tarangire National Park. We spend the afternoon on a game drive. With its gigantic Baobab trees, Tarangire National Park offers a breath taking scenery and along our journey we are likely to encounter antelopes and elephants.

DAY 02.

Tarangire National Park

We spend the full day on game drives in Tarangire National Park. This will allow us to enjoy the beautiful scenery and observe animals that roam through the bush, like zebras, wildebeests and antelopes. At the same time we can discover Tarangire National Park’s incredible variety of birds.

DAY 03.

Lake Manyara National Park

While close to Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park is very different. On our game drive through the scenic park on the edge of the Great Rift Valley we explore the unique ecosystems such as the groundwater forest, open forests, grassland and the soda lake and observe animals like elephants, giraffes, impalas, hippos, and with some luck even lions.

DAY 04.

Hadzabe and Datoga Tribe Visit

This day is clearly a highlight of the tour, bringing us close to Tanzania’s native tribes. Early in the morning, even before breakfast, we head out into the bush with the Hadzabe, the last hunter gatherers in East Africa. They show us how they find fruit, berries and other staples and hunt animals. After a break back at the hotel, we visit the Datoga. We encounter the blacksmiths, the traditional Datoga handicraftsmen, who produce various tools, arrowheads and jewellery.

DAY 05.

Ngorongoro full day game drive

Early in the morning, we drive to the bottom of the Ngorongoro Crater. We enjoy the abundance and diversity of wildlife in the crater – among them all Big Five. Expect to see zebras and wildebeests, meet some lions and with some luck glance at the rare rhinos.

DAY 06.

Trekking in the Ngorongoro Highlands

From Nainokanoka, a typical Maasai village, we walk through the Embulbul Depression, a fertile plain in the Ngorongoro Highlands.

Along the way, we see Maasai villages and encounter Maasai herdsmen guarding their livestock with wild animals grazing in the same area. At a pre-arranged point, our driver guide picks us up and drives us to Empakaai Crater where we enjoy a stunning view from the rim of this forested crater and observe flocks of flamingos in its lake.

DAY 07.

Serengeti National Park

We leave the highlands and continue our journey to the Serengeti plains. Along the way, we visit Olduvai Gorge where some of the oldest hominid remains were discovered. From there it is only a short drive to Serengeti National Park. We focus on observing wildlife and enjoy the vast plains of the Serengeti.

DAY 08.

Serengeti National Park

From the heart of the Serengeti we continue our exploration of the vast park and spend our full day on game drives in the savannah of the Serengeti plains. The endless plains are the preferred feeding grounds for animals like zebras, wildebeests and antelopes. With luck we will find lions enjoying the view from a kopje.

DAY 09.

Return to Karatu

Early morning is the best time for a game drive and we make use of the early hours for a last exploration of the Serengeti and observe its fascinating wildlife. On close observation, we discover how different herbivores share the same feeding grounds, or have the luck to spot some well hidden predators like cheetahs, leopards. In the afternoon we commence our return to Karatu via the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

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Enjoy authentic interactions with the Maasai, See the big cats, See more animals ...

7 Days lodge tour

Enjoy authentic interactions with the Maasai, See the big cats, See more animals ...

9 Days lodge tour

Enjoy authentic interactions with the Maasai, See the big cats, See more animals ...

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